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Shuweyman Sabbah

The strain of Shuweymah Sabbah is called Shweimeh Sabbah in Syria. According to Dr. Hazaim from Syria it is a famous and high regarded strain and originated with as-Sabbah of the Fudul Bedouin, a branch of the Tai. Also the Abbas Pasha Manuscript is confirming this origin. And it renders the additional information that horses of this strain also went to Beni Sakhr, al-Dafeer, as-Sb´a and al-Rwala (al-Kawakibah) and the Shammar. Lady Blunt tells us that Sheikh Fares Al Jerba was riding a mare of this strain when she met him, and the al Jerba marbat is still being bred in Syria today, for example from the stock of Mashaal Pasha/Mishaal ibn Faris al-Jarba, sheikh of the western Shammar in Syria (Al Dahdah). At Hail at the stud of Emir Mohammed al Rasheed the Blunts saw a Shueyman as Sabbah stallion who was the best of the eight stallions of the Emir.

Shuwaimeh Al Zubarah (Hamdaany Nejd/Shuwaimeh Menwah) at the Royal Stables of Bahrain. Photo below: with colt by Mlolshaan Wesam).

The strain is rather seldom today. The Shuweymah strain is also alive in Bahrain. In Egypt, the Tahawwi mare Folla 1942 (Ibn Barakat/a Shuweymah Sabbah), bred by Abdul Hamid el Tahawi, had some influence through her get at Hamdan stables, namely the stallions Fol Gamil 1960 and Hamdan II 1957, both by Hamdan. Ali Pasha Sherif had a famous stallion from this strain: Shueyman c. 1862 (Jerboa/Shueyma) from Ateyban background. Also in French/Tunisian lines the Shuweyman Sabbah strain is preserved, originating with the tribe of Sba´a.

Shuwaimaan Mishwaar (Rabdan Naif/Shuweimeh Nafaa) at Prince Mohammed Bin Salman´s stud in Bahrain and Fol Gamila (Hamdan/Folla) at Gut Schifferegg in Austria.

Tohfa (Emam/Folla) in Austria, bred at Hamdan stables, Egypt.

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