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With the Arabian horse it all began! Reem El Bediya, bred and owned by the author.

About this website

This website is about the Bedouin heritage. This heritage encompasses the Arabian horse, the horse of the steppe and desert of Arabia, bred by the Bedouin and gifted to them by God. It was the war horse of the foregone Bedouin world and it is regarded a decisive tool in spreading Islam long ago.

This horse has conquered my heart, not only by its beauty, but much more through its man-loving character that is unique (and I speak from my experience as a veterinarian and equine practitioner).  That aroused questions. How did it come that a war horse loves men and especially women and children? Why was it created in a society characterized by uncertainty and even violence? Those questions have sent me on a journey back in time and place, into the past Bedouin world by studying every source I could find and by traveling to some countries of the Arab world. 

What I could discover was not only a fascinating cosmos of solidarity, simplicity, manhood, and hospitality in one of the most threatening circumstances of human life. It was so much more! It enriched my own understanding of the most important guidelines of my personal life, the holy books of the Bible. I was able to find a better and deeper understanding of many texts of those old books, including many sayings of Jesus, the Messiah, who will come back from heaven on a white Arabian horse, sent by our heavenly father. 

Therefore I have written a book with the title BEDOUIN HERITAGE - The World of the Arabian horse, and this website. You are warmly invited to study it. And I hope that you will find important answers as I did myself on my past journey "on back" of my beloved Arabian horse!

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in earch of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went on and sold all that he had and bought it."                                                                    Jesus, the Messiah (Matthew 13: 45-46)
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